Pick Up and Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery Rates

Bel-Air provides pick up and delivery for service orders greater than $95.00 not including any parts and the delivery charge. Please look at any other service specials we are running.
We charge $35 for any pick-up and delivery of ten miles or less. Over 10 miles we charge $3.50 per mile for each additional mile. For example, if you are 15 miles from our shop, you pay $50 for pick-up and delivery. The minimum order for any pick up will be $95.00 plus parts and delivery charges.

 Please Note: 
Delivery charges shown above are for standard pick-up and delivery. Standard is when the equipment is reasonably available for the driver to load on the truck. Non-operational equipment requiring special handling, equipment not in close proximity, that must be manually moved to the truck or requires more than one Bel-Air employee, may require additional charges. Please accurately describe the condition and location of the equipment to assist Bel-Air in assessing whether or not we are capable of loading the equipment.